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Pentair is a world leader in valves and controls and provides highly-engineered flow management solutions to the most demanding industries around the globe enabling safer, more efficient and sustainable operations.

Pentair’s diverse portfolio of valves and automation solutions solves critical challenges such as relief valves to prevent catastrophic equipment failure, zero leakage isolation valves to prevent the escape of hazardous gases in petrochemical plants, control valves in supercritical steam power plants, isolation valves in cryogenic LNG service and high-integrity isolation valves for caustic, high-temperature situations. Optimize your operations with Pentair’s broad array of high-performing products, global after-market service network, technical know-how and industry experience.

Actuation and Controls

Pentair’s valve actuation and control solutions maximize productivity and help manage costs. Pentair offers a wide range of open-standard designed products, including network, monitor, and control valves, including electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, gas-hydraulic, electric, and subsea actuators, along with rotary and linear valve-position and control monitors.

Gate, Globe, Check & Control Valves

Pentair’s forged and cast gate, globe, and check valves are often used for complex slurry-isolation, non-return, and large-diameter pipe applications. They are designed to withstand high pressures, abrasion, and high temperatures to reduce maintenance and increase uptime.

Pressure Relief Valves

Pressure Relief

Pentair helps keep your employees and assets safe with both pilot-operated and direct spring-operated pressure-relief valves as well as safety-selector valves. Applications include steam, liquid, air, gas, and multi-phase flow conditions.

Quarter Turn Valves

Pentair’s complete range of quarter-turn valves includes highly-engineered triple-offset, resilient-seated butterfly, lined butterfly, floating ball, and trunnion-mounted valves. They can be customized and configured; which are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.



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