Pentair's Equipment Protection Solutions provide products and solutions that enclose, protect and cool critical electrical and electronic equipment and components. From enclosures to protect sensitive controls and components to protection against extremes in heat and cold or shock and vibration mitigation for critical electronics, Pentair helps to safeguard the investments that you make in essential equipment and infrastructure. We aim to ensure the proper functioning of electronics, industrial equipment, and other crucial machinery and components helping maintain proper working, environmental conditions and meeting regulatory requirements. Pentair protects your equipment and ensures reliable performance, improved productivity and reduced maintenance.

Pentair uses its collaborative approach to problem solving to bring to life solutions that fit clients' specific needs, allowing our customers to design their systems with confidence and meet their needs for response time reliably. Whether it's mission critical - or simply helps you get the most out of your assembly line - your relationship with Pentair is an added investment in the preservation and performance of your equipment.

Equipment Protection Applications

From enclosures that surround machinery and systems, ensuring their integrity and safety, to specific elements such as fan assemblies and custom cooling and heating components, Pentair offers critical protection for: