Pentair's Thermal Management Solutions provide optimized heat management systems. We deliver unrivalled capability in heat tracing, floor heating, snow melting and de-icing, fire and performance wiring, specialty heating, and sensing for industrial, commercial and residential use. In both residential and commercial applications, we develop the integrated technologies that give customers greater control over a full range of thermal management demands. From polymer science to radiation cross-linking, to heat-trace control and monitoring, we’re using fresh approaches to advance the state of the art.

By giving clients more flexible, responsive and productive tools for thermal management, we enable them to better maintain and utilize their infrastructure and processes from the basic to the complex. We add to the durability of their existing systems, enabling the proactive oversight and care that can extend the lifetime of critical equipment and components. They can eliminate downtime, keep production processes running smoothly and add to the efficiency and productivity of their operations.

Thermal Management Applications

Pentair enables clients to achieve greater control over their thermal environments, from technologies that enhance the delivery and output of heat, to the mitigation and calibration of heat as an input to – or by-product of – mechanical systems.