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AquaLumin® III Lights

Energy-efficient, Nicheless Lighting for Pools and Spas

AquaLumin III Lights immerse your pool in halogen quartz brilliance, adding beauty and safety to your nighttime swimming environment. And, their revolutionary design means installation is simple and easy.

  • Requires only a 3-in. hole in wall panel
  • No costly make-up panels
  • No extra braces
  • Wall-hugging fit
  • Easy to service

All Pentair UL Listed underwater lights are certified for use in freshwater with up to 6,000 ppm salinity.

Note: All 120-V pool and spa lights must be connected to a branch circuit protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).

Note: All cord lengths over 50 ft. on 12-V lights create resistance that dramatically reduces the light output. This condition exists on all low-voltage lights regardless of design or manufacturer.