3 Off-Season Pool Care Tips

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After spending a summer of fun by the pool the cooler weather has you ready to close up your pool. Take a little extra time now to prepare your pool for winter so when spring rolls around, you’ll be ready to dive into the good times without having to make repairs!

Before closing your pool you should:

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1. Prevent pipes from freezing

Drain all the water from the equipment, including the pool heater, filter, pump and other motorized parts. Excess water will freeze when the temperature drops and cause the pipes to crack. Learn more your pool’s #1 enemy – freezing – here

2. Check the chemical and pH levels

Before closing the pool, check the chemical levels and perform a shock clean by adding chlorine and algaecide or winterizing products to the water. Learn more about adding winterizing chemicals and balancing the water chemistry here!

Also, use an enzyme product to break down non-living organic contaminants such as bird droppings and pollens to minimize the scrubbing required when you reopen the pool.

3. Remove pool toys and pool accessories

Don’t keep pool toys, boards, noodles and other objects submerged during the winter. Not only will doing so cause damage to the items but it will also affect the quality of the pool water.

Additionally, remove and store any ropes, floats, diving boards and ladders in the shed or garage, with your other pool equipment that has been stored for the winter months.

Properly winterizing your pool will make it that much easier to get the fun started again when swimming season comes back around. Work with your pool professional to take all the right steps to make sure your pool is ready for the colder weather.

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