3 Pool Closing Tips for Winter

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The weather has officially gone from “crisp” to “cold” and you’re ready to close your pool. You’ve cleaned and prepped your pool to ensure the pipes and parts are protected from the cold weather.

Here are three pool closing tips to help you expertly close your pool this season:

wet hair woman in bathing suit at the indoor swimming pool wrapped in a towel feeling cold and unhappy

1. Use an air pillow

An air pillow, which is connected to the cover in the center of the pool, will not only protect your pool from snow and ice damage but also disperse debris and water away from the center of the pool cover for easier cleaning. Check the air pillow periodically to ensure that it’s properly inflated.

Learn more about using an air pillow for winterization here and here.

2. Keep the pool cover clean and debris-free

Clean up the pool by performing proper leaf cleaning and use a cover to protect it from the elements. The cover should be stretched taut over the pool, as well as kept dry and debris-free. The pool cover may come loose over time due to weather conditions. Check it regularly to make sure it’s secured so you can ensure the safety of children and pets in your household.

3. Do NOT drain your pool

Let us repeat – DO NOT DRAIN YOUR POOL! The expansion of the soil under the pool as the water in the soil freezes can jack the pool right out of the ground; it needs the weight of some water to keep it firmly in place.

Parting is always such sweet sorrow, but thinking about the fun you’ve had all summer in your pool can tide you over during the winter months. However, it’s important to not wait till the weather gets too warm before you reopen the pool! Waiting to open can allow the warmer temperatures to cultivate algae and bacteria to growth in the water. You’ll also have extra time to make any needed repairs before it’s time to dive in again!

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