3 Unique Ways to Use Your Pool During the Holidays

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As the holidays get closer, using your swimming pool may be the least of your concerns. But this year, consider making it one of your top priorities. There are many unique ways to get more from your pool during the off-season, even if your pool is technically closed, you can still enjoy a return on your investment. Here are 3 unique ways to use your pool to make the holidays a little more merry and bright:

boys underwater with santa hats

1. Let Go of Holiday Stress

Between shopping, traveling, cooking, cleaning and getting your house ready for the holidays, it’s no wonder that more than a third of Americans say the holiday season is stressful.

One of the biggest motivators when buying a pool in the first place is to have your own personal retreat, a place where you can escape and unwind when life’s stresses become too much. The smooth, glassy surface of the water has a calming effect that can warm you from the inside out.

Read a book poolside while bundled under your favorite blanket. Do your morning yoga by the pool and enjoy the crisp morning air. Even if it’s too cold to swim, you can still rely on your pool to help you melt away the tension.

2. Hang Out at Home

If you want your family to come home for the holidays, including your pool in the festivities can help to draw them in and make them glad they came. Pools are for making memories, even if you’re not swimming.

Create a digital safe haven and take back your together time that you miss in the hustle and bustle of every day life. Light some candles, hang some twinkle lights or use your fire pit to create a warm, social atmosphere. Do some outdoor grilling or roast marshmallows under the stars and enjoy being together with everyone you hold dear.

3. Get a Jump Start on New Year Health Goals

After the holidays have passed, use your pool to start shedding those extra pounds you gained from holiday feasts and desserts, if it’s open. If you’ve closed your pool for the season, you can use the pool at the gym! Swimming is a full-body workout that can burn calories faster than running and can help you get into shape with low-impact, fun exercises.

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