3 Ways to Start Preparing Your Pool for Summer

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Depending on where you live, springtime may be warm enough for you to use your pool. But even if it’s still too cold to swim, is it really too early to start planning for warmer weather? So here are three things you can do now to start preparing your pool for summer:

Mother daughter on inflatables In outdoor swimming pool

Inspect Equipment

Winterizing your pool often means disconnecting a lot of equipment. Now is the time to start inspecting over your equipment to ensure there is no damage. You’re specifically looking for cracks or rust. While you’re doing your inspection, if something doesn’t look right or if you’re just not comfortable doing a pool equipment inspection on your own, don’t hesitate to contact your local pool professional.

Because spring is the perfect time to begin your annual pool maintenance, a pool professional would be happy to come out and inspect any disconnected equipment. They can also help you with regular service and opening your pool when it’s time!

Consider Upgrades

If any of your equipment is in need of repair or replacement, consider upgrading instead of just replacing. Upgrading older pool equipment, especially an older pump can offer money savings and help the environment all at the same time!

If your budget allows for it, spring is a great time to shop for other upgrades, like your deck area or poolside retreat.

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Plan Ahead

Making a list of what needs to be done and what you’d like to do before summer is important, so take the time now to create your plan for summer. By planning out what needs to happen, you’re more likely to have a more efficient pool opening and you’ll be able to enjoy your pool sooner! And don’t just stop your plan with opening your pool. Take this opportunity to plan out the timeline for all of your spring cleaning, summer yard prep and any additional yard maintenance. Additionally, you may want to also plan out your designated poolside cleaning days and a shopping trip for your new patio décor!

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