Connected Energy Efficient Innovation for your Pool

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Jerome Pedretti
Jerome Pedretti currently serves as Senior Vice President of Aquatic Systems at Pentair


Connected Energy Efficient Innovation for your Pool

While most people in the northern hemisphere likely just closed their pool for the season, we’re already thinking about next year. As we head to the International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo (PSP) this week in Las Vegas, we’re excited to share our latest smart, sustainable water solutions designed to help pool owners enjoy their pool and spa with connected, automated controls, improve the experience and quality of the water, and move water with improved efficiency.

Enjoy – Pentair’s industry-leading smart innovations provide the ultimate in convenient control, allowing pool owners to sit back and enjoy. The latest automation innovation, the IntelliCenter® Control Center for Pool and Spa, easily and intuitively allows users to manage pool and spa features including lighting, temperature, chemistry and water features from anywhere in the world. For more basic automation needs, the IntelliConnect™ Control and Monitoring System allows monitoring and control of up to four pool functions conveniently and easily with your smart device.

Improve – Pentair’s technologies are engineered to filter, clean and sanitize water, while innovative heating solutions create a comfortable, relaxing experience. Pentair recently introduced hybrid technology with our UltraTemp ETi™ Hybrid Heater combining a pool heat pump and an ultra-high-efficiency gas-fired heater in the same unit. With four distinct operating modes, the innovative pool heater delivers superior energy efficiency.

Move – Pentair’s innovative equipment is designed to move water with improved energy efficiency and performance. As the first manufacturer to introduce variable speed technology to the pool industry, Pentair’s energy efficient pool pumps have helped pool owners save $1.98 billion in energy costs since 2005.*

Not able to join us in Las Vegas? Be sure to check out our newest offerings here.

*Savings are based on a weighted average annual kWh savings from the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) at $0.11 / kWh. Individual Weighted Energy Factor (WEF) scores and savings may vary by model. For more information regarding the energy efficiency features of current Pentair pool pump offerings, including WEF scores, please visit

The IntelliCenter™ Control System for Pool and Spa

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