How to Swim Through Summer and Into the Fall

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Labor Day is right around the corner! While it may mark the “official” end of pool season, don’t worry. Just because we’re celebrating Labor Day doesn’t mean you can’t swim into the fall! In many parts of the country, the pool weather remains well into fall (and even winter). Here are a few tips to keep swimming into the fall:

pool and pink flip flops

Don’t nix your routine maintenance. It’s vital to continue your summer maintenance routine even after the pool season is over. This means regularly cleaning and vacuuming your pool, checking water chemistry and making sure all of your pool’s equipment stays in working order.

Some like it hot. Autumn can get a little chilly, especially during the evenings, so warm up the water! If you don’t already have a pool heater or heat pump, now is a great time to consider getting one. Gas pool heaters, which run on natural gas or propane, are the most common type of pool heaters. While heat pumps pull in the outside air to heat your pool. If you’re not sure which pool heating system is the best choice for you, talk to your pool professional!

Mix in some greenery. If you’re planning on extending the pool season, autumn is the perfect time to incorporate some greenery into your pool area. Believe it or not, fall is a great time to plant trees and shrubs because it gives their root systems time to form before planting season. Don’t forget you can also decorate with seasonal items, like pumpkins or holly!

Get festive! Keeping your pool open after Labor Day will make you the coolest parent on the block. Autumn is full of fun holidays, so why not take advantage of the time of year? You could host everything from a Labor Day cookout to a back-to-school bash or even a Halloween pool party for friends, family and neighbors.

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