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Most people tend to be quite vigilant about pool and summer safety at the beginning of the season. However, as the summer months go by and the activities get hectic, it’s important to not let your guard down. Even if you think everyone “knows the drill,” summer safety is as important the first day of summer as it is on the last!

Make sure you and your loved ones are following these summer safety rules:

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Check your Pool

Even if you have all the pool safety precautions in place at the beginning of the season, things can get moved, shifted or broken during use. Here are the three key items to check regularly:

  • Make sure your pool barriers, such as fences and gates, are in good, working condition. Check for loose boards or latches that could allow uninvited guests entrance to your pool without your knowledge.
  • Check your pool safety cover to ensure that it’s never slack or loose when in use. Even though it’s mostly used during winter, it offers added security all year round.
  • Inspect all the pool drain covers before entering the pool. If a drain cover is missing, broken or loose, close the pool right away and call a licensed pool professional to make the necessary repairs.

Give everyone a safety refresher

Everyone who has access to your pool should know and follow safety rules at all times. Going over this information regularly, especially with your children, is important. They should know the following items:

  • First aid equipment location.
  • Emergency contact information and phone location.
  • Never run around the pool.
  • Never swim alone.
  • Never swim without adult supervision.
  • Never dive at the shallow end of the pool.

As a busy parent, this safety rule can be hard, but it’s a crucial one. There should always be an adult present whenever children are using the pool. The adult “on duty” should not be distracted by other activities like using a phone or reading and they shouldn’t consume alcoholic beverages while watching the children swim.

You can even re-evaluate the swimming skill levels of the children using your pool regularly so that you know who may need extra attention. Even if a child doesn’t need extra attention, they still need to be watched while they swim.

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