The Science of Moving Water

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Jeff Farlow
Jeff Farlow currently serves as Program Manager of Energy Initiatives for Pentair


The Science of Moving Water

How Pentair Continues to Lead in Energy-Saving Pool Pumps

For the third year in a row, Pentair left the most recent International Pool | Spa | Patio (PSP) Expo with a “Best New Product” award, this time for our WhisperFloXF® variable-speed pool pump, representing the cutting edge in high-performance pool pumps. And while we couldn’t be prouder of our work on every model of pump we produce, we also carry a deep pride for the decades of innovation that brought us to where we are today.

In fact, for six years running, starting in 2014, we’ve won the ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year Award for producing energy efficient pool pumps. Plus, since 2016, we have been the only manufacturer in our industry to receive the Sustained Excellence designation for ongoing leadership and contributions to sustainability.


Pentair accepts the "Best New Product - Equipment Pad" award at the 2019 PSP Expo. Pictured L to R: Marcus Phillips, Ryan Weaver and De'Mon Wiggins.

New Regulations and a History of Leadership

For homes with a swimming pool, the pool pump is often one of the top three appliances consuming the most energy. Pentair played a role in a new Department of Energy working group to develop better standards for the entire industry.

Starting in July 2021, pool pumps that are energy efficient won’t just be a smart buy for consumers and commercial pool owners — they’ll be required by law. Exceptions include pumps already in use and those manufactured or imported before the compliance date of the regulations. However, new production of most single-speed pumps will be halted and replaced with better tech — tech which Pentair has been pioneering for nearly 15 years.

That’s right: We launched the industry’s first variable-speed pool pump in 2005. We were at the forefront then. And we’re continuing our dedication to advancing energy-saving innovation.

Variable-speed pumps, as opposed to single-speed pumps, allow you to match your energy consumption to your pool’s needs, meaning you can save energy and money over traditional, single-speed pumps.

The Advantage of Variable-Speed Pumps

The fact is, when the new standards arrive, most single-speed pumps simply won’t be able to meet them — at least in today’s technological reality — but that’s not why we’ve been delivering them to smart pool owners since 2005.

While single-speed pumps may be cheaper to buy, they actually cost more in electricity in the long term when compared to variable speed pumps. The purchase price is a small portion of what it costs to own a pool pump. An energy efficient, variable-speed pump can pay for itself in as little as one year.*

Looking Ahead

So while there’s a lot of science that goes into an efficiently run pool — from pumps, to pool heaters and water features — the result is simple: lower costs for our customers and less energy consumption. Our passion for this simple fact is why we continue to lead the industry and plan to for years to come.

Learn more about our ENERGY STAR® certification.

*Source: U.S. Department of Energy, ENERGY STAR

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