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Our People: Meet Jennifer

Jennifer leads Technology and Engineering for the Residential & Irrigation Flow Business Unit at Pentair’s manufacturing sites in Delavan, Wisconsin and New Brighton, Minnesota. She prioritizes the development of those around her and encourages her team to build strong networks within the manufacturing industry. Jennifer has become an effective mentor through her technical talent, subject matter knowledge, and reputation as an experienced cross-functional leader. She has been with Pentair since 2006.

What is one piece of advice you have received in your career, personally or professionally, that greatly impacted you as a women today?
I think the work ethic my parents taught me has had the greatest impact on me. They worked hard their entire lives to make a better life for their children, and taught me that the way to achieve your goals is through hard work and persistence.   

What is one piece of advice you would give women trying to enter the STEM fields based on your experiences?
My advice to women entering STEM fields is to believe in yourself and your abilities. One of my favorite quotes from Eleanor Roosevelt is, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”  I think this is important for women, especially young women, to trust themselves and their capabilities. Being different from the majority is an asset, not a liability. Don’t be intimidated if you are the only woman in the room; remember you are there for a reason and you belong there.  

Who has inspired you and why?
I am inspired by the women of previous generations who defied societal barriers to contribute in STEM fields. I think of the women whose lives were portrayed in the movie Hidden Figures, whose work at NASA was instrumental in putting a man into orbit at a time when women rarely even worked outside the home.  So many women who came before us had a much more difficult path to follow, and it is thanks to their hard work, dedication, and achievements that things are easier for women today.

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