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  • Contact Pentair for any product photo needs. When using images of Pentair products in your marketing materials or website, use only images provided by Pentair. 
  • Refer to the products with Pentair + product brands and product names i.e e.g Pentair Myers Apex, Pentair Everpure, etc.


  • Re-create, alter or distort the artwork in any way.
  • Place Pentair product next to competitor product. 
  • Share artwork files with others. If products are used in promotional or instructional videos the same rules must  be respected.


Product information must be accurate to the product shown. Product information is available on or contact your Pentair representative.

DON'T: Place Pentair product next to competitor product


DON'T: Alter the colors


DON'T: Print low resolution photography


DON'T: Add a stylized filter or image effect


DON'T: Warp or skew the image


DON'T: Apply excessive drop shadows


DON'T: Alter the image background


DON'T: Rotate the product at an unnatural angle

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