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Enjoy the Taste of Your Water

There’s nothing like a tall, cool glass of water when you’re really thirsty. But what if the water in your home leaves a bad taste in your mouth?

If your tap water tastes or smells funny, it does not necessarily cause for alarm. However, it is important to understand what is causing your water issues so you can identify a solution.

Tap water that tastes or smells bad can have many causes, including plumbing issues, chemicals, and other contaminants. Even after standard water treatment, chemicals and dissolved solids can remain in your water, and can cause water to taste metallic, salty, or even dirty.

How Does Your Water Taste?

Chlorine Taste

Chemicals like chlorine and chloramine are used in the municipal water treatment process to eliminate dangerous contaminants, but it can make your water smell like a pool. High levels of these chemicals can also make water taste salty or give it a fishy smell.

Metallic Taste

Iron, copper, and other metals can make your water taste like a tin can, and can give it a rusty, cloudy color.

Sulfuric Smell

It’s not uncommon for well water to smell like rotten eggs. This unpleasant smell occurs when Hydrogen Sulfide gets into your water supply through the ground.

Dirty Taste

If your water tastes a little gritty or looks dirty, the culprit could be – you guessed it – dirt. Sediment like sand and soil can make it’s way into your water, giving it a murky, discolored look and an earthy, musty taste.

Fishy Taste

Is something fishy about your water? A fishy taste or smell can be caused by algae blooms, which are more common in warmer months. It can also be due to chemicals like chlorine and chloramine, which are used in the municipal water treatment process

Wet Dog Smell

If the water from your tap smells like a wet dog, you could have bacteria in your water. If your water comes from a well, it’s important to have this checked. However, if you are using municipal water, it’s more likely that the smell is caused by a buildup of metals in your plumbing, or by chemicals used to remove harmful bacteria and organisms during the water treatment process.

Bottom line - if something isn’t right about your water, you don’t have to live with it. You can have water that tastes clean and smells fresh, straight from the tap. You don’t have to spend money on plastic bottles or clumsy pitchers. You can have water that tastes the way it should, straight from the tap.


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