Low Mineral Content

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Water hardness and temporary hardness (alkalinity), the limescale-forming portion of total water hardness, have the highest share of total minerals in most commonly available potable water. The healthiest, great-tasting drinking water and beverage ingredient water requires a specific and balanced mineral composition.

For specialty coffee, it is important to maintain some specific minerals and to balance the alkalinity level in the water for proper extraction of the coffee bean and grind, and the fullest coffee flavors. An unbalanced level of alkalinity can lead to a superficial acidity, which leads to poor crema, weak and/or bitter flavor, and a less than expected coffee aroma.

  • Low mineral content also has other impacts:
  • Tea shows more distinctive taste and less cloudiness.
  • Fountain beverages have consistent flavor and fizz.
  • Ice cubes are crystal clear every time.
  • Too little or too much calcium or magnesium will have an adverse impact on drink quality and lead to damaging scale buildup in water-using machines. 

Pentair offers a range of solutions in this area, from its Everpure® Claris™ platform with adjustable hardness control, to reverse osmosis systems that allow you to set a blend of filtered and RO water to meet your desired water recipe.

Low Mineral Content

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