Water Boost

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As foodservice establishments expand their beverage offerings, the resulting increased water usage can adversely impact operational performance. This, coupled with fluctuating city water flow and pressure, can lead to inconsistent drink quality, poor beverage dispenser performance and premature exhaustion of water filter cartridges.

Water filtration systems have minimum water pressure requirements. Keep in mind that if water pressure is too low, filters will plug prematurely because particulates collect only on the surface of the carbon and will essentially “cake” itself, instead of penetrating deep into the cartridge. It’s important to always put a carbon water filtration system after the water boost to help keep:

  • High water pressure flowing to the filter system, which extends the life of the cartridges.
  • Chlorine in the bladder of the water boost to prevent growth of algae and bacteria.

Pentair offers water pressure boosting and regulating solutions that can help you address pressure boost requirements in your operation.

Water Boost

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