Dynamic Torque Controller

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Smartly Monitor Pump performance with Pentair Dynamic Torque Controller

Problems like clogging and even partial clogging affect your pumps' performance. Pentair Dynamic Torque Controller is a smart device that monitors your pump performance in real-time. It detects a clog, reverses the pump, and passes the clog through the pump. This results in optimized pump performance and a lower total-cost-of-ownership. A winning combination for your wastewater system!

Whitepaper by Jacobs

Learn from third-party research showing that Dynamic Torque Control technology is a magnificent solution for real-time pump monitoring. Resulting in optimized flow, decreased pump run times, lower energy consumption, increased equipment life, and savings on total-cost-of-ownership up to 15%!

Monitor Your Pump Performance and Save Costs

Pentair Dynamic Torque Controller helps you save on operational costs. It decreases your pump run time by optimizing flow, and at the same time, it prevents your wastewater system from clogging.

  • Optimizes flow
  • Decreases pump run time
  • Saves energy
  • Keeps pumps clog-free
  • Increases equipment life
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