Pentair Everpure FC Filtration Systems

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Pentair Everpure FC Filtration Systems

 “Right-sized” design for beverage and ice applications requiring higher flow rates and capacities.

Everpure FC Series Filter Cartridges capacities are balanced between particulate and chlorine reduction. This is important because some filter capacity claims cover ONLY chemical reduction. Dirt and sediment in the water often clog the filter before the chemical capacity is reached, so users are not getting the full life or use out of the filter’s carbon media. Pentair takes into consideration that “real world” water includes a range of particles, from dirt to ferric metals, so we publish capacity claims that account for the presence of both particulates and chemicals in water.

Everpure FC Cartridges are available in a number of our most popular systems, including Coldrink, Insurice and High Flow CSR.

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