EV9977-50 Everpure Conserv HE-3 High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis System

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EV9977-50 Everpure Conserv HE-3 High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis System

The Pentair Everpure Conserv HE-3 is RO reimagined. This powerhouse system boasts a high-capacity design and a small footprint. It serves multiple applications simultaneously, allowing for a single-system purchase to go further than ever before.

The system's advanced technology makes remote monitoring of water quality as easy as accessing Wi-Fi. This uniqiue level of control allows the creation of water to specification, regardless of the water source. It also drives a consistency in production and quality across all applications, and multiple locations, keeping operations running smoothly.

A high-efficiency RO membrane sends less water to drain, saving on water, sewage and energy costs. The Conserv HE-3 takes the guesswork out of water filtration, while enabling users to be proactive regarding system maintenance and downtime.

  • Telemetry and sensors built into the system provide remote monitoring of TDS, water usage, filter life and other performance-related indicators, leading to more proactive and informed decision-making.
  • Being expandable and configurable for multiple foodservice applications reduces the risk of outgrowing the system or the need to add a new one for an additional use.
  • Common applications for the system include:
    • Drip coffee, pour over and espresso
    • Iced tea
    • Ice and drinking water 
    • Steam cooking equipment
  • 74% system recovery beats competitve products
  • The addition of a second RO membrane and post-carbon filter expands per-day capability up 880 gallons.
  • The technology enables precision TDS blending to create specific and consistent mineral concentration of water.
  • Bacteriostatic pretreatment prevents bacterial growth in filters.
  • Storage tank is included in the price of the system.


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