MRS-100BL RO System

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MRS-100BL RO System

Adjustable blend valve allows for custom tailoring of the dissolved mineral content in the treated water. This valve controls the amount of tap water that is mixed with the Reverse Osmosis (RO) water, creating a blend that contains a precise level of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). The blended water then passes through a submicron carbon filter which removes taste and odor, delivering ingredient quality water.

Daily Production Rate:

  • RO Processor Only: 100 gpd (379 Lpd) nominal 0.069 gpm (0.263 Lpm) nominal
  • RO Processor With Blend: Capacity will vary based on tap water TDS, RO percent rejection and desired blend water TDS
  • Improves equipment life and performance by removing 90%+ of all dissolved solids that can cause scale buildup
  • Reduces limescale buildup that can cause excessive machine downtime, and result in higher maintenance and energy costs
  • Wall-mount design allows for flexible installation


  • Chlorine taste & odor reduction
  • Particulate reduction
  • TDS reduction
  • Scale inhibition
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