IntelliBrite® 5G Color LED Pool Lights - Buy Online

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SKU#: EC-602122

IntelliBrite® 5G 120V Color Pool Lights - Buy Online

  • Choose from 5 predetermined fixed colors (blue, green, magenta, white and red) or 7 popular preprogrammed "color shows"
  • Consumes less energy than halogen or incandescent lights
  • Pool lens can be rotated to 180° to provide wide beam pattern (standard) or narrow beam pattern
  • Designed to work with IntelliTouch® and EasyTouch®® Control Systems
  • Available in 120-V and 12-V versions
  • Available only through Pentair authorized online retailers

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IntelliBrite® 5G 120V Color Pool Lights - Buy Online
IntelliBrite® 5G 120V Color Pool Lights - Buy Online
SKU#: EC-602122

*Appearance of color and white LED light may vary between various models of lights. Appearance and perception of pool lighting may vary depending on a number of factors including, but not limited to, the particular model of light, the location/depth/angle of the light’s installation, pool finish/material, pool depth/shape/geometry, ambient light sources, subjective factors and more. For best results when using multiple lights, use all the same model and do not mix multiple models of lights within a single installation.

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Product Components

  1. Custom reflector to eliminate hot spots
  2. LED lights for exceptional light intensity
  3. Superior lens geometry to improve color effects
  4. Light beam distribution creates more uniform illumination

Innovative Energy Efficiency

LED technology is the wave of the future in energy efficiency, lifetime value, quality of light and the ability to control it. With its custom reflector and innovative lens design, the IntelliBrite 5G light is one of the most efficient underwater LED lights available.

Color Options

  1. Green
  2. Blue
  3. Magenta
  4. White
  5. Red

Optional Controller Available

The Color Sync™ Controller for Pentair Color LED Pool Lights offers pool and spa owners without an automation system fast, easy switching to their favorite color modes. This accessory was designed exclusively for IntelliBrite color-changing pool and spa lights.

Easy Automation

IntelliBrite 5G lights work with IntelliTouch® or EasyTouch® Control Systems, the ultimate choices in pool, spa and poolscape equipment automation. In effect, you transfer programming and control of IntelliBrite lights to a central system that manages all your other backyard and pool features.


From the living room to the backyard

Pentair brings light technology outside, providing a brighter backyard oasis with pool lighting.

Models / Specs

Item #ImageCarton QtyPOWER (W)VOLTAGE (V)CABLE LENGTH (Ft.)Purchase Options
EC-602122 1 26 120 100 Available Online
EC-602124 1 26 12 100 Available Online
EC-640122 1 18 120 100 Available Online
EC-640132 1 18 12 100 Available Online
CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 WARNING WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm. AVERTISSEMENT: Peut Causer le Cancer et des Dommages au Système Reproducteur. ADVERTENCIA: Cáncer y Daño Reproductivo.
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