Brushes and Scrubbers

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Brushes and Scrubbers

Pool, Spa, Deck and Tile Brushes

Curved Brushes

  • UV stabilized polypropylene or nylon bristles
  • Snap-adapt handle fits most poles
  • Aluminum Back Brushes with strong die cast aluminum back
  • Molded Brushes with heavy-duty one piece molded construction
  • Model 907 has a 50/50 blend of stainless and nylon bristles*

*Recommended for new pool start-up brushing or mild algae cleaning.

Stainless Steel Algae Brushes

  • All algae brushes feature quality stainless steel bristles
  • Perfect for removing tough algae on plaster surfaces
  • Snap-adapt handle fits most poles


  • 650 Scrubber has a molded hand grip and includes 3 interchangeable pads
  • 651 Universal Scrubber features an ABS back with a swivel joint handle and a light duty replaceable pad

Note: All items with snap-adapt handle include a high performance Acetal Resin Spring and will snap into all standard poles or can be bolted on, if preferred, simply by removing the Acetal Resin Spring.

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