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10" Big Blue Sediment System with 5 Micron Filter

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20" Big Blue High Flow Sediment System with 5 Micron Filter
20" Big Blue High Flow Sediment System with 5 Micron Filter
System Size: 20" Heavy Duty
10" Big Blue Sediment System with 5 Micron Filter
10" Big Blue Sediment System with 5 Micron Filter
System Size: 10" Heavy Duty


Meet the ultimate solution for water with heavy sediment. Our Sediment & Pre-filter System helps protect your water filter and home appliances from dirt and particles down to five microns in size. Water filter systems equipped with a sediment pre-filter last longer and deliver more reliable performance. Ready to see what’s really in your water? Install a Sediment & Pre-Filter System today and find out.
  • Application: sediment and particle reduction
  • Lasts up to 6 - 9 months, depending on source water sediment content
  • Recommended for all whole home filter, softener, and UV systems

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What Does a Sediment Filter Reduce?



Soil decomposition or organic decay can lead to dirt in water supplies.



Coastal water supplies and well water can be contaminated with sand.



Dust particles from pipes and other sources can enter drinking water.



This system reduces other particles too large to fit through the 5-micron-sized  openings in the filter.

Visualizing 5 Microns

Our Sediment Pre-Filter System reduces particulates down to five microns in size. How big is that, exactly?

01  A Red Blood Cell
A 5 micron pre-filter can capture particulates the size of red blood cells

02  A Droplet of Powdered Milk
Particles of powdered milk range from 1 to 10 microns in size

grey two story house with white front porch, 2-d

03  1/15 of a Human Hair
A single human hair measures an average of 75 microns across

04  1/20 of One Grain of Sand
A single particle of sand at the beach measures around 100 microns across

Models / Specs

Item #ModelImageInlet/Outlet Connection SizeIncludes
BB20 BB20 1.5" Heavy duty 20" housing, 5-micron cartridge, wrench, and mounting bracket kit
BB10 BB10 1" Heavy duty 10" housing, 5-micron cartridge, wrench, and mounting bracket kit

System Includes:

  • Heavy duty 10" (or 20") Whole-House Filter Housing
  • (1) 5 Micron Pre-Filter
  • Pre-Filter Wrench
  • Rust-Free Mounting Bracket with Screws

Frequently Asked Questions

What model is right for me?

The BB10 is ideal for homes that have one to three bathrooms. The BB20 is the right choice for homes with four to six bathrooms.

Why is the pre-filter housing blue and not clear?

Clear housing allows light to penetrate the housing, which can cause algae to grow. A blue, non-transparent housing prevents light from interacting with the water.

Where do I mount the system?

The entire pre-filter system mounts to the wall near the entry point of the water into the home using the provided bracket and screws for easy installation.

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