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Saving energy is saving money. 

And the whisper quiet ain’t so bad either. 

What’s to get so pumped about? A variable speed pool pump could save you up to 90%* on your energy costs compared to a conventional single- or two-speed pool pump.  So get to know the idea of Variable Speed and Flow (VSF, in pool speak). It’s technology that makes pumps work smarter, and only when necessary—passing the energy savings on to you.

With variable speed technology, you can save money and energy without sacrificing performance



Variable Speed Pumps

  • Can be programmed to automatically change speeds.
  • They save more energy and operating costs than single-speed pumps.
  • Longer life expectancy than single speed pumps as well.
  • Quiet operation.


Variable Speed And Flow Pumps

  • Work like a programmable thermostat: they auto-regulate their speed to keep flow constant.
  • Save you the most energy and the most in operating costs.
  • Super-quiet operation.
  • Capability to keep fountains and other water features flowing strong.
  • Your best of the best option. 
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Calculate your savings with Variable Speed and Flow pumps. 

Your pool’s pump can be the second largest energy-hogging appliance in your entire home. Pentair pumps can save up to 90% energy savings.

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Pumps that save this much? Yeah, they deserve the eco-praise. Variable Speed. 

Pentair has once again been recognized by earning the esteemed Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year award for continued leadership in protecting the environment through superior energy efficiency achievements.

Learn more about Energy Star


Intelliflo VSF® Variable Speed and Flow Pump

For the “set and forget” set, it monitors conditions and adjusts on the fly.

With the IntelliFlo VSF pump, you can enjoy the ease of cruise control—for your pool. IntelliFlo is the first variable speed and flow pump that adjusts to changes in flow conditions to maintain its preprogrammed flow rate to run optimally throughout the entire filtration cycle.

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Intelliflo XF® VSF Variable Speed and Flow Pump

The ultimate performance for large and feature-rich pools.

IntelliFloXF VSF pump is the first variable speed and flow pump that adjusts to changes in flow system conditions to maintain its programmed flow rate. With its available performance and efficiency, it is perfectly suited for large and feature rich pools with high flow demand.

Superflo® VST Variable Speed Pump
The superior replacement pool pump with TradeGrade designation.
The SuperFlo VST Variable Speed Pool Pump features sophisticated technology in a simple to operate pump. Designed for pool owners who are practical and like to save, the SuperFlo VST pump has a dependable and robust Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled motor and can adapt to 115V to 230V and 50hz or 60hz power with no special wiring or switching.


How Insisting on Pentair Gets Even More Rewarding

Local utilities may offer rebates and other incentives for updating energy-hogging hardware like those old single-speed pumps and going with Pentair efficiency instead. Does yours? Let us find out for you.


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Your rebate is waiting. You just need:

  • Proof of purchase
  • Product serial number
  • Your dealer and installer information

Must redeem within 30 days of purchase to qualify.


*Savings based on variable speed pump compared to a single-speed pump running 12 hours per day at an average of $0.16 per kWh in a 20,000 gallon pool. Actual savings may vary based on local utility rates, pool size, pump run time, pump horsepower, pump rpm, plumbing size and length, pump model, service factor and other hydraulic factors. Individual Weighted Energy Factor (WEF) scores and savings may vary by model.

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