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Move, improve, and enjoy your water – your way.

Fewer water stains. Fewer hard water pains. The route to great tasting, better coffee brewin’, fluffy-towel makin’, appliance lovin’ water runs through Pentair Water Solutions. It starts with a free in-home water quality test — virtually or with a no-contact, in-home appointment where you just leave a water sample outside for us to pick up, safely. Then leads to a water solution tailored to your lifestyle, budget and water profile.

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HomeAdvisor shows we’re wiser.

Pentair Water Solutions takes a customer-first approach. By treating every new home as our own, and pouring every ounce of ourselves into your specific water needs, we make good on our commitment to water services excellence. HomeAdvisor agrees, it’s a heckuva approach.


Factory trained water experts. 

Our water experts have their water smarts on full. And they have the certifications to prove it. Their friendly, fun-loving attitudes ain’t too shabby, either.

Sensations of installation. That surpass all expectations.

Every Pentair Water Solutions’ installation is performed with white-glove service. By a team of Installation All Stars. Err, “Install Stars.”


Multiple ways to ensure your water has that "wow."

To ensure your safety, we can test your water in many ways. You can either leave the water sample outside of your home for us to pick up safely, or we can use an outside water source.

Transparency, process, promptness, precision. We promise.

The Pentair Water Solutions way can have you drinking great-tasting water from every faucet in your home in 3 days. Here are all the ways our way works:

  • Factory direct pricing
  • Fixed installation price
  • Delivered immediately
  • Fast installation
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
Untap The Benefits Of Better Water.

Great tasting drinking water you can trust from any tap. Water so soft your skin will have a crush on it. Easier on your water heater. Don’t keep your water waiting. It has so much more to give.


Water treatment. Water restoration. Water softener alternatives.

What’s your water waiting for? 

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