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Why FreshPoint Easy Flow?

Refills. Refills. Refills. Filter change fatigue. Fridge space frazzle. Time to leave these water pitcher peeves in the past with the FreshPoint Easy Flow Under Counter Filtration System. Great tasting water from your existing faucet. Easy under counter install. Total water confidence – and a pitcher-free life!

Top 10 Water Pitcher Peeves

  1. One word: refills
  2. Okay, two words: more refills
  3. It's not hard; it's frequent and inconvenient
  4. Often more heavy than handy.
  5. Too much space. Too much spilling
  6. Pitcher capacity several cups shy of recommended daily water intake
  7. Can lead to drinking water without great drinking water taste
  8. When they lose their lids you blow yours
  9. You have to fill and empty it three times before you even take your first sip
  10. Pitchers just make you wanna tap out


Easy Flow? The Easy Choice

pitcher with filter


  • Refills. Refills. Refills.
  • Fridge hog
  • Weighs too much
  • Frequent filter change-outs
  • Slow to fill
easyflow undersink filtration system


  • Great. Water. Taste.
  • Fridge space
  • Snaps right in
  • Change indicator light
  • No spills

Still Have Questions? We’ve Got You.

Pentair home water experts are available by phone Monday - Friday 8 AM - 9 PM ET and Saturday 8 AM - 8 PM ET

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