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SKU#: 602734

Viqua UV Max F/Pro 15 Replacement Sleeve

Maintain your UV Lamp Sleeve to allow the UV lamp to properly sustain the necessary temperatures required for optimal performance. For best results, we recommend you change the sleeve every two years.

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Viqua UV Max F/Pro 15 Replacement Sleeve
Viqua UV Max F/Pro 15 Replacement Sleeve
SKU#: 602734


Item #ImageSleeve LifeFits modelsCategoryAccessory Type
602731 2 years B, B4 Model Systems UV Disinfection Parts
602732 2 years C/C4, D/D Plus, D4/D4 Plus UV Disinfection Parts
602733 2 years E/E Plus, E4/E4 Plus UV Disinfection Parts
602734 2 years F/F Plus, F4/F4 Plus, Pro15 Series UV Disinfection Parts
602974 2 years G/G Plus, Pro10 Series UV Disinfection Parts
602975 2 years H/H Plus, Pro20 Series UV Disinfection Parts
602976 2 years J/J Plus, K/K Plus, Pro30, Pro50 Series UV Disinfection Parts
PUV-16-Sleeve 2 years UV Disinfection Parts
PUV-B-Sleeve 2 year PUV-8, PUV-Basic UV Disinfection Parts

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