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Countertop Drinking Water Set

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Countertop Drinking Water Replacement Filter Set

Renew your Countertop Drinking Filter System with a replacement filter set. For best performance, change your filters no later than 6 months after installation or after 450 gallons of usage.
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Countertop Drinking Water Replacement Filter Set
Countertop Drinking Water Replacement Filter Set
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Item #ImageEstimated Life (months)Substance Reductions ClaimsFilter Media - Construction MaterialFits ModelsCategoryProduct Line
PDF-RF 6 months Chlorine Taste & Odor|Giardia/Cryptosporidium Cyst|Lead|Chloramine|Sediment|Mercury|Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)|PFOAs & PFOS Carbon PDF-450W, PDF-450BN, PDF-UC-PC, PDF-UC-BN, PDF-UC-ORB Countertop Filtration Pelican

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