EZ Connect Systems Replacement Cartridges

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EZ Connect Systems Replacement Cartridges

Enjoy the benefits of a carbon filter in a more compact package. The EZ Connect 2-and 3-stage water filtration replacement cartridges give you continued peace of mind for your water woes by reducing chlorine, chloramines, sediment, fluoride and even scale buildup caused by hard water (depending on the model installed).
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Item #ImageSizeConnection SizeTreatment TechnologyFlow Rate (gpm)
CB-BB-10 10in. Heavy Duty Carbon Filter
CB-BB-20 20in. Heavy Duty Carbon Filter
PC100-P 10" Heavy Duty" 1" NPT" Carbon|Sediment 5
PC100-SR 10in. Heavy Duty Sediment Filter
PC200-CR 20in. Heavy Duty Carbon Filter
PC200-FR-P 20in. Heavy Duty Fluoride Filter
PC200-P 1" NPT" Carbon|Sediment 5
PC300-LF-P Carbon|Sediment|Lead|Flouride
PSE500-NSR-P 20in. Heavy Duty Salt/ Potassium Free Softening
PSE500-P 1" NPT" Sediment Filter | Salt/ Potassium Free Softening | Carbon 5

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