Water Filter and Pelican Water Softener Alternative Combo System

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Water Filter & Pelican Water Softener Alternative Combo System

With this chlorine filter and water softener alternative, enjoy the best of both worlds: water that smells and tastes better and softer water that can extend the lifespan of your water-using appliances.
  • Certified to reduce 97% of chlorine
  • Hard water treated without salt makes this product virtually maintenance-free
  • Two models to choose from based on your home's size (number of bathrooms) and water usage
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Water Filter & Pelican Water Softener Alternative Combo System
Water Filter & Pelican Water Softener Alternative Combo System
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Benefits of a Filtration and Softener Combo System

Chlorine and hard water can cause double the trouble for the water in your home and water-using appliances. Common effects of one or both of these common problems are: dry, itchy skin when you get out of the shower, soap scum and scale build up on your appliances, premature breakdown of water-using appliances, and more. With the dual-tank action of the Water Filter and Pelican Water Softener Alternative Combo System, we’ve set the new standard for home water management in every room that your water flows. This easy-to-use, all-in-one system reduces the chemical taste and odor of chlorine and also reduces hard water effects. And, unlike traditional salt-based softeners, this salt-free alternative improves your water experience without the hassle or maintenance of salt refills. Pentair recommends that you test your water for hardness levels before purchasing a salt-free softener alternative, to be sure the Pelican technology is right for your home water. Other benefits of this combination system include:

  • Generates zero waste water and requires no electricity to operate
  • Comes with a 5 micron prefilter to reduce sediment and debris from your water
  • Help the environment by never needing to buy bottled water again with great tasting water right in your home
  • Dual Certified Performance: NSF/ANSI
  • Durable stainless steel design
  • DVGW certified to be 99.6% effective at reducing hard water effects

Hassle-Free Maintenance


Reduce Chlorine Taste and Odors


Enjoy Softer Skin & Shinier Hair


Reduce Scale Buildup

Water Softening Solutions Comparison

  Whole House Water Filter System
Water Filter and Pelican Water Softener Alternative Combo System
Water Filter & Pelican Water Softener Alternative Combo System + UV
Whole home solution X
Ideal for water coming from city (or municipal) water supply
No water waste X X X
No electricity required
to operate

Multiple sizes available
for any size home

Indoor/Outdoor Installation
X X  
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Reduces foul taste and odor associated with chlorine X X X
Includes prefilter X X X
Includes UV System
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This Product Water Filter & Pelican Water Softener Alternative Combo System + UV



Item #ImageHome Size (number of bathrooms)Flow Rate {gpm}Inlet Connection TypeDiameter {in}Softening TechnologyCapacity {gal}
PSE1800-P 1 to 3 8 1" NPT 9 Salt-Free Softening & Filtration 662400
PSE2000-P 4 to 6 12 1" NPT" 11 Salt-Free Softening & Filtration 1324800
water softener alternative combo packaging

What's Included

  • Prefilter / Mounting Bracket
  • Carbon Filter System
  • NaturSoft Salt-Free Water Softener Alternative System
  • Bypass Valve / Fittings
  • Owner’s Manual / Installation Guide

Installation Information

Location: Indoor/Outdoor

Installation: Convenient and simple installation when purchased with an Install Kit.


Prefilter Replacement: Every 6-9 months

Carbon Filter Replacement:

  • Every 5 years or 650,885 gallons (Model #PSE1800-P)
  • Every 5 years or 1,301,770 gallons (Model #PSE2000-P)

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