Sulfur Filter System

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Sulfur Filter System

Hydrogen sulfide and its distinctive “rotten-egg” smell can be drastically reduced with chlorine injection treatment. The Pentair Sulfur Filter System is designed to reduce contaminants that cause foul-smelling and tasting water at its entry point to your home, giving you fresher-smelling, better-tasting water throughout your whole house and reducing the risk of corroding silverware and appliances, and stained clothing, sinks, and toilets.
  • Improves the taste and smell of water containing hydrogen sulfide
  • Reduces sulfur-staining on laundry, sinks, and kitchenware
  • Uses chlorine to reduce organisms like hydrogen sulfide
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Sulfur Filter System
Sulfur Filter System


Benefits of a Sulfur Filter System

While sulfur in your water doesn’t cause health issues, it can leave your water with a foul odor and taste, often linked to that of rotten eggs. Hydrogen sulfide and its distinctive smell can be drastically reduced with chlorine injection treatment. If left untreated, dissolved hydrogen sulfide can corrode metals, which can cause blackening of your silverware and discoloring of copper and brass utensils. With the Pentair Sulfur Filter System, you can transform the quality of your well water by equipping your home with an efficient sulfur solution. Save your silverware, plumbing, and appliances from sulfur stains while enjoying refreshing, great-tasting water from every tap in your home.

  • Convenient pressure release button for air pressure maintenance
  • Specialized retention tank mixes chlorine faster than standard tanks for better level of contact with chlorine
  • Chlorine strips included to monitor your water’s chlorine levels

Enjoy Better Tasting, Smelling Water


Reduced Sulfur-Stains


Peace of Mind

How it works

Sulfur Filter System

Chlorine Contact

Chlorine mixes with your sulfur-contaminated water to reduce nuisance organisms.


The mixing time for disinfection depends on chlorine concentration, water temperature, pH level, and the amount of organic matter present. Our specialized retention tank mixes the chlorine faster than standard retention tanks for optimal chlorine contact.



Item #ImageWater ProblemFlow Rate (gpm)pH RangeIncludes
PC-CHLR20-P Rotten Egg Smell 20 6.5 to 11 Feed Pump, 35 Gallon Solution Tank, Retention Tank

What’s Included

  • Feed Pump
  • 35 Gallon Solution Tank
  • Retention Tank
  • Owner's Manual / Installation Guide

Installation Information

Installation Recommendation: Professional

Location: Indoor

Additional Fittings will be needed to adapt to your plumbing.


  • Change the Chemical Injector Pump once per year
  • Check the level of the Solution Tank twice per month. The liquid in the tank should not fall below ¼ full.
  • Fill the Solution Tank with bleach and treated water as needed.

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