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Our People: Meet Lisa

Lisa is passionate about improving human health. In her role as Laboratory Supervisor, she and her team are working to develop higher-level water testing technology and tools. As a trained hazardous materials spill responder, Lisa plays a major role in the safety of our products and in maintaining the health and safety of our employees. She has been with Pentair since 2017.

What is one piece of advice you have received in your career, personally or professionally, that greatly impacted you as a woman today?
Just be yourself! That statement is so impactful to me in both my professional and personal life. I think it is so difficult for women to find balance in their lives, especially when juggling a family and a professional career, but not having to question what you do because you have confidence in yourself removes some of the unnecessary worry that comes with making decisions.

What is one piece of advice you would give women trying to enter the STEM fields based on your experiences?
Keep challenging the STEM status quo! Many STEM careers are male-dominated, so women must continue to challenge the gender stereotypes and prove that our roles in these fields are also beneficial and impactful.

Who has inspired you and why?
Two-time Nobel Prize winner, Marie Curie. Curie is an inspiration to me because she persevered in a time when gender stereotypes were abundant and overcame those obstacles in academia and in her profession simply by pursuing her passion for scientific discovery.


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