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2 HP Centrifugal Automatic Grinder Vortex Impeller MG200


The Myers WGL20 Series are versatile 2 HP submersible grinder pumps designed specifically for use in pressure sewer applications with long discharge runs or high static heads. It features a patented cutter mechanism and recessed impeller design to effectively mascerate typical domestic sewage solids into a fine slurry.

  • Dual
  • Head to 130 ft. and flows of 70 GPM
  • Choice of standard, high head or high flow designs
  • Recessed impeller provides steep non-overloading operating curve
  • Oil-filled motor for maximum heat dissipation and constant bearing lubrication
  • Recessed impeller reduces radial bearing loads, increases bearing life
  • High torque capacitor start/run single phase or three phase motors for assured starting under heavy load
  • Seal leak probe wards of seal leak condition, helps prevent costly motor damage
  • Single phase motors have on-winding current and temperature-sensitive overload
  • Shredding ring and grinder impeller are replaceable without dismantling pump or motor
  • Warranty - See your Myers® dealer for details