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Pentair Myers CE, CMEP & CMW Simplex Electrical Control Panels

Quality Electrical Components Assure Reliable, Automatic Pump Operation

  • IEC horsepower-rated contactors (single phase) and motor starters (three phase) rated at over 1 million cycles.
  • Three phase starters with ambient-compensated quick-trip overloads for maximum motor protection.
  • Designed for use with three standard mercury float switches, off-on-alarm. (not included with panel, please order separately)

Corrosion Resistant for Long Life

  • Outdoor panels of weathertight NEMA 4X fiberglass with aluminum back panel.
  • Indoor panels¬†of enamel-coated galvanized steel.

Meets NFC and UL Standards for Safety

  • UL approved panel designs.
  • 100VA control circuit transformer with primary fusing on 3-phase panels.
  • Main circuit breaker.
Technical Specifications for CMW Simplex Control Panel
Technical Specifications for CE/CMEP Simplex Control Panel
CE Control Panels Installation and Service Manual-Simplex