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Pentair Berkeley Upstaged 4" Submersible Pumps

The Signature 2000® pump design has been delivering dependable performance since 1990. Our floating stage design continues to handle even the most aggressive water with our SignaSeal™ system that breaks down debris and reduces locking. Now we’re going further by upstaging and adding additional features to the 4" submersible pumps you’ve grown to trust and rely on every day!

NEW Product Offering
Series: MS and JP
GPM: 5, 7, 10, 15 and 20
HPs: 1/2, 3/4, 1 and 1 1/2

What Does This Mean For You?

Better Performance

With increased staging across much of our 1/2 to 1-1/2HP pumps, you'll enjoy even greater performance receiving more depth and/or more flow than before.

Beat the Competition

Our increased staging gives you an average of 20% higher performance than competitive pumps at like horsepower and rated flow. We've even developed a tool to show you how our pumps compare to the top competitors. Visit to compare your pump!

The New Standard in Reliability

Experience the new standard with our redesigned JP series that includes a stronger discharge and added spring-loaded check valve.



SUCTION/DISCHARGE MATERIAL:  MS: 300-Grade Stainless Steel / JP: Nylon 610 (Composite)

SCREEN TYPE:  MS: Serviceable / JP: Integrated

SCREEN MATERIAL:  MS: 300-Grade Stainless Steel / JP: Nylon 610

CABLE GUARD MATERIAL:  MS: 300-Grade Stainless Steel / JP: PVC

CABLE GUARD ATTACHMENT METHOD:  MS: 2 screws - 300-Grade Stainless Steel and 2 hooks / JP: 2 screws - 300-Grade Stainless Steel and bottom inserts into suction slots


SHELL MATERIAL:  MS & JP: 300-Grade Stainless Steel

SHELL CONSTRUCTION METHOD:  MS: Threaded, left handed threads / JP: Sealed

SHELL THICKNESS:  MS: .065" / JP: .032"



Brochure: Upstaged 4” Submersible Pumps