Foleo Water Softeners

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Foleo is the latest premium softener from Pentair. This superior, plug and play system was designed and built around the concept of a solution which performance would exceed high-end competitive products.

Product Features & Benefits

  • Touch screen 5800 XTR  Information is displayed on the touch screen intuitively, simplifying users’ experience into the various set up steps
  • Up flow regeneration with blocked resin bed and variable brining regeneration 
  • Salt recharging intervals extended thanks to the economized brine consumption up to 50%
  • Built-in chlorination capabilities to provide automatic resin disinfection 
  • Free superior protection against bacteria proliferation without using any additional chemical treatment
  • Integrated Stainless steel By-Pass, with a unique manual valve 
  • Simplified and faster initial installation on the inlet and outlet pipe connections: no more expensive complicate and cumbersome wall pipe bypass
  • Smart tilting salt lid opening 
  • The ergonomic and easy to open salt lid transforms the salt recharge process from a painful operation into an easier and faster one 
  • Scan & Service current features as well as future upgrades
  • Add Augmented reality communication capabilities enabling users and dealers to retrieve system related information. Foleo is a “Scan&Service Ready” system featuring Bleam functionnalities- Automatic safety brine line valve 
  • No risk of water flooding- Removable salt compartment 
  • The supply of brine to the system is guaranteed and eliminates the risk to have a salt bridge being slowly developed
  • The removable salt compartment avoids condensation to come in contact with the salt, which is the major cause of salt bridge creation and the removable salt compartment simplifies the system’s cleaning process


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