Erie Water Treatment

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Erie, now Pentair Erie



Erie Water Treatment plays an important part in the global safeguarding of healthy drinking water. Whether it's water softeners, iron filters or whole house filters, Erie Water Treatment's products heighten people's level of comfort and living standards worldwide. Erie Water Treatment generates large ecological benefits. They develop and commercialize products that contribute to optimal preservation of our most valuable natural resource, water.

Product Features & Benefits

Erie Water Treatment has its own Earth Safe Technology-label to differentiate itself. The label guarantees the use of 'green' technology in all products, based on natural processess that don't harm the environment. The use of Erie products results in important direct and indirect sustainable environmental benefits, such as better use of available water, energy saving and reduced usage of harmful chemicals. Products designed and manufactured to operate with an unrivalled efficiency. Earth safe technology gives businesses and consumers worldwide the opportunity to become 'greener'; to reduce their ecological footprint.  We are now bringing this portfolio of products to the Pentair family.


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