Virtual Product Tour

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Explore Our Guided Tour

Thank you for visiting Pentair booth #102 Hall One. We invite you to take a tour within our booth and the steps to do so are listed below.

Step One - Locate

QR codes have been placed throughout the booth to help you learn more about our selected products and are able to be located as a blue water droplet.


Step Two - Scan

Once you have located a QR code, simply use a reader, the camera on your mobile device, or download an app to help you access product information.


Step Three - Learn

Each QR code provides you with product information for that individual sku or a family of products. You are also able to download resources when available. 


having problems with the tour? 

Engaged in our content and having issues? We have a booth representative ready to assist you to get back on track to enjoying our booth experience.

* Selecting "Assist Me Now" will open the SMS function on your mobile device and allow you to speak directly with a Pentair booth representative.