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Get Soft, Clear Water

You’ve got a lot to do. Laundry. Dishes. Cooking. Cleaning. It’s tough to get stuff done without your water making it harder.

Hard water comes from minerals and dissolved solids like calcium, iron and copper in your water. It not only makes your dishes spotty and your clothes scratchy, but it can also damage water-using appliances.

A water softener can solve your hard water problem. And you’ll get water that works as hard as you.


Woman cooking in kitchen
DIY Home Series

Want to do it yourself? Improve the water in your home one step at a time.                                                                                   


Professional Series

Work with an expert who can help you take the guesswork out of water treatment and install products tailored to your needs.


Clean, white kitchen
Pentair Everpure

The choice of restaurants, coffee shops and other businesses that depend on clean, pure water. For your home.



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