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You’re a Water Purist

There’s nothing like chugging a tall, cool glass when you’re really thirsty. It excites your senses, refreshes your spirit, and delights your taste buds.

Sure, it’s necessary for life, but that’s just a nice benefit. You drink water because you love it.

If something’s not right about your water, you don’t have to live with it. You don’t have to spend more on plastic bottles or clumsy pitchers. You can have water that tastes the way it should. The way you want.

Straight from the tap.

Chlorine Taste

Most cities treat their water with chlorine to eliminate dangerous contaminants. But that can leave a bad taste in your mouth. 

Metallic Taste

Iron, copper and other metals can make your water taste like a tin can, and can give it a rusty, cloudy color.

Sulfuric Smell

The rotten egg smell that’s not uncommon in well water is actually sulfur that gets into water through the ground.

Murky, Discolored Look

Dirt, sand and sediment makes water taste gritty and makes it look, well, dirty.

Woman cooking in kitchen
Woman cooking in kitchen
DIY Home Series

Want to do it yourself? Improve the water in your home one step at a time.                                                                                   


Professional Series

Work with an expert who can help you take the guesswork out of water treatment and install products tailored to your needs.


Clean, white kitchen
Clean, white kitchen
Pentair Everpure

The choice of restaurants, coffee shops and other businesses that depend on clean, pure water. For your home.


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