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dicamba & 2, 4-D formulations

The Hypro Ultra Lo-Drift spray nozzle has been approved for use for several Dicamba and 2,4-D formulations. Select the chemical name below for specific nozzle sizes and pressures approved on the label, as well as a quick select chart for easy selection.

ULD Nozzle Advantages

  • Ideal for drift reduction and efficacy when using Dicamba & 2, 4-D based chemicals
  • Precise droplet control to minimize fine drift-able droplets, without sacrificing coverage
  • Wide spray angle (120) enables boom to be lowered to  further decrease drift and deliver superior spray uniformity
  • A 60 degree thick pattern provides a large area of impact improving spray coverage
  • Convenient FastCap version includes nozzle, cap and gasket all in one
  • Small, compact design is less prone to breakage than competitive nozzles
Ultra Lo-Drift Video

Hypro Express End Cap with Flush Valve

The Hypro Express End Cap with Flush Valve provides 3 key benefits to your sprayer: improved sprayer cleanout, reduced shut-off lag time, and reduced chemical waste.

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Express Boom Assembly

Express Boom Assembly is the most hygienic boom solution.  It utilizes stainless steel piping and Express End Caps to eliminate contamination and allow for thorough clean-out.

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Express End Cap

Utilize the Express End Cap to maintain boom hygiene while spraying by eliminating dead ends.  Also use the removable plug for a through boom clean-out. 

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Always follow and read label directions.

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