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Roomier, non-skid surface platform with close to deck proximities.

Paragon "Lookout Chairs" have grown into an extended family of their own with 5 models designed for pools that do not require a full height chair. All Lookout chairs offer an elevated, 360 degree swivel seat which sits on a non-skid platform. Station provides easy access and dismount. Chair is molded plastic. Features T304 stainless steel construction. All models come with an umbrella holder and the 3-step also has a rescue tube holder. 4" diameter wheels are included on 2- and 3-step models for portability.

Lookout Dual Side Mount

  • Ideal for pools with limited deck space
  • Access from both sides allows change with uninterrupted coverage
  • Solid stainless steel frame, 360 degree swivel seat
  • 26 in. access step
  • Wheels allow for easy relocation

Lookout Platform Chair

  • Engineered expecially for busy aquatic facilities and water parks
  • Sloping setps allow for quicker dismount
  • Solid stainless steel frame, 360 degrees swivel seat
  • Extra large 60 in. x 36 in. non-skid fiberglass platform

1-Step Standard Model

  • Seat 30 in. above deck
  • Platform is 36 in. x 38 in. and only 12 in. above deck
  • Optional 1-step lookout wheel kit available

2-Step Model with Wheels

  • Seat 42 in. above deck
  • Furnished with 19 in. step
  • Platform size 36 in. x 38 in. and 24 in. above pool deck

3-Step Model with Wheels

  • Seat 54 in. above deck
  • Furnished with 19in. steps
  • 48 in. x 48 in. platform size and is 36 in. above deck