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AK110™ Chemical Controller Title 22 Ready

The Acu-Trol AK110 Title 22-Ready water chemistry controller offers continuous monitoring and control of pH and disinfectant levels, temperature and flow rate. AK110 controller allows water chemistry changes to be made immediately from a computer anywhere in the world. Save money by full control of your CL and pH cycle. It has the longest warranty in the industry. On screen data logging aids in maintaining your written daily record.

  • Programmable chemical feed cycle ON and OFF (MIX) times
  • Programmable proportional feed
  • Programmable acid, base or CO2 feed for pH control
  • View data logs directly from controller
  • Control by ORP and PPM5-year warranty
  • Third relay for secondary sanitizer
  • Flow cell and all sensors standard
  • ORP/pH/PPM/Temp logs taken directly from controller
  • Records up to 36 days of sensor data internally in 1 or 2 hour recording intervals
  • NSF Approved


  • CO2 feeder
  • AK Color PPM sensorRemote communication
  • Flow meter input