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SR4000 & SR6000 SERIES Chemical Feed Pumps

SR-4000 and SR-6000 Series: Ideal for applications which require daily chemical maintenance. The SR-4000 and SR-6000 can be used for two separate chemicals or two separate locations. Pumps can operate as stand-alone units for periodic injection of chemicals or in conjunction with Automatic Backwash Controllers. SR-6000S Series: The SR-6000S incorporates integrated pH and ORP sanitizer pumps, in addition to increased programmability. Password protection, alarm indicators, overfeed lockout, flow switch shutdown.  

SR-4000 and SR-6000 Series

  • Typical Installation – Inground and small commercial pools and spas
  • Piggyback Performance – Stack up to three pumps per drive
  • Precision Application – Doses one drop per minute up to 99 gallons per day and many increments in between

SR-6000S Series

  • Pumps Included – Two built-in peristaltic pumps eliminate retrofitting and system matching
  • Complete Programming – Proportional feed, on/off feeder times, mixing, pH/ORP set point, pH/ORP calibration and acid/base feed