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SKU#: EV9980-59

The WS-30E Softeners are ideal for POU applications such as softening cold water prior to water heaters, tea brewing, espresso and reverse osmosis systems.

  • Hardness removal of 30,000 grains at flow rates up to 10 gpm
  • 230 VAC 50 HZ
  • Advanced, user friendly controls incorporate time-tested, hydraulically balanced piston, seal and spacer design to pilot service flow and regeneration
  • Fiberglass-reinforced resin vessels eliminate worries about corrosion
  • Fleck 5600-SXT meter initiated control valve monitors water usage and minimizes salt, water and electrical costs
  • Five-cycle control delivers controlled upflow backwash, downflow brining and slow rinse, rapid rinse, timed brine refill and downflow service
  • Single tank design for economy and space savings
  • Large capacity bring tank maximizes time between salt replenishments