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Iced tea is 98% water. Produce clear, refreshing, iced tea beverages  with a Pentair Everpure water treatment solution, and protect your brewing equipment investment at the same time.

Foodservice iced tea sales have been rising steadily in recent years, with many customers choosing it as a great-tasting, healthy alternative to soft drinks. Our premium quality filtered water ensures great-tasting and aesthetically-pleasng iced tea by addressing: 

  • Hardness that can lead to cloudy iced tea. Minerals in the water prevent tannins from dissolving properly, which can darken the beverage and leave an “oil slick” on the tea’s surface
  • Chlorine which can alter both aroma and taste. It oxidizes aromatics and oils and increases acidity
  • TDS can cause poor solids extraction. Over-extraction of flavonoids and tannins cause bitterness and leave a “film” on top of the tea. Under-extraction leads to weak color and flavor
  • Scale buildup in equipment can cause improper brewing temperatures. Too high and tea can taste burnt and bitter. Too low and complex flavors disappear.

Pentair Everpure filtration solutions put you in control of your iced tea water recipe, and reduce scale damage and corrosion in brewing equipment for:

  • Lower downtime, equipment maintenance and replacement costs
  • Energy cost savings
  • Satisfied customers
  • Increased profitability