Iced Tea

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Iced Tea is a popular, great-tasting, and healthy alternative to soft drinks. Ensure your iced tea is delicious and refreshing every time with premium filtered water from Pentair Everpure. Minerals in unfiltered water can lead to cloudy iced tea, and can prevent tannins from dissolving properly, darkening the beverage and leaving an unpleasant “film” on the tea’s surface. Chlorine can alter aroma and taste. Unfiltered water can also lead to scale buildup that damages equipment and causes improper brewing temperatures. Too high, and tea will taste burnt and bitter; too low, and flavors disappear. Pentair Everpure filtration solutions puts you in control of your iced tea water recipe to help:

  • Decrease downtime, equipment maintenance and replacement costs
  • Increase energy cost savings
  • Produce clear refreshing iced tea
  • Create satisfied customers and increased profitability