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Scaling is not just damaging to warewashing equipment, it also wastes energy and produces unsightly spotting on glasses, dishes and flatware. 

Poor source water quality negatively impacts your warewashing equipment in a number of ways:

  • Scale increases energy usage - as little as 1/8” buildup can cost you hundreds of dollars annually
  • Scale can damage heating elements in  booster water heaters
  • Particles can etch glassware over time
  • Scale can clog orifices, reducing flow and causes gaps in cleaning
  • Corrosion from chlorine and chlorides attacks metals, resulting in surface rust and premature parts disintegration

Pentair Everpure filtration solutions inhibit or reduce limescale buildup, help prevent corrosion, and allow for easy deliming. The result is equipment that cleans more effectively, runs more smoothly, and lasts longer.