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Pentair Aurora 342A Single Stage End Suction Vertical Close Series 300

This product has been discontinued and replaced by the 3800 Series End Suction Pump.


  • End Suction Pumps are Often Used in Offices and Commercial Buildings for Internal Environment Control
  • End Suction Pumps for HVAC Come in a Variety of Configurations Including Close-Coupled, Flexible Coupled, Horizontal or Vertical Mounted Pumps
  • Computer-Machined Major Components with 360A Registered Fit
  • Precision Cast, Dynamically Balanced, Enclosed Impeller Lasts Longer than the Competition
  • Case Wearing Ring Prevents Wear on Casing and is Easily and Inexpensively Replaced
  • Impeller Wear Rings are Also Available and Front Case Wearing Rings are Standard on All Models and Size Pumps
  • Rear Support Foot provides Support and Simplifies Coupling Alignment
  • Hydrostatic Tested Pump Casing Ensures Casting and Seal Integrity
  • Applications Include:
    • Chilled Water,
    • Heating and Air Conditioning,
    • Cooling Tower Makeup,
    • Water Booster System