Pentair Aurora 413, 413C Vertical Single Stage

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Pentair Aurora 413, 413C Vertical Single Stage

The split case pump has long been used for the handling of liquids where the utmost in reliability and accessibility is paramount. The 410 Series is a modern design based on Aurora’s over 90 years of experience with the design, sales and manufacturing of split case pumps.


  • Model 413 Vertically Mounted with an Elevated Driver Coupled Directly to the Pump through a Flexible Coupline
  • Model 413C is Vertical Chair-Mounted
  • Design Recommended Where Floor Space is Limited and Possible Flooding Chances are Marginal
  • Vertical Split Case Pumps Require Half the Floor Space of a Horizontal Split Case Pump
  • Inline Piping Arrangement Allows for Piping in Any Direction
  • Elevated Motor Protects Against Potential Flooding if the Pump Station is in a Low Area
  • Applications Include:
    • Cooling, Heating and Air Conditioning Service
    • Boiler Feed Service
    • Condensate Service
    • High Pressure Water Service
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